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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lover Vs Friend

Peepo , tell me .
Lover vs Friend
This round who will win .

Guess what ? For me , I wan the latter win .
I mean , friend .
I don't know why , maybe to me friend is more important .
I guess so .

If there is a conflict between your bestie and your bf / gf ,
what will you do ?
Haha FML I guess I will side my bestie no matter what .
To me , love may fade , but friendship never do .
A fight in relationship will crash you two .
A fight in friendship will only draw you two closer .

But well , she thinks differently .
Lover is her world .

I have no more saying , like serious .
All the best to you and don't ever find me when you having prob with him .

Don't make me feel like a substitute , could you ?

but wtf I cant hate you cause you are my bestie =D
*peace* =)


  1. I think that friend is more important, that's my stand but it varies with people. =D cheers~!