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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Break From Final's Stress =)

Sometimes Life is kinda Hard
We need something to spice it up =)
so I attended a fashion show by PJCAD institution invited by Feeq .
It was like so near . Where ?
OK sunway pyramid thirty two bistro and bar .

Outfit of the day .
Legging from Topshop is ❤ ~

Oh ! can you see how many humans there ? Awesome .

This is so cool and scary OMG fyi she wore a white contact lens .
Better run before she nom you up with her bloody red mouth X)

ZOMG " Its so GAGA " doesn't he ? LOL
OK its a HE ! look at his leg ! *jealous max* =3

Was like so Farking cool ? !

POSER ! Shyt LMaO I LOVE RED like wtf serious !

Well thats the diff between model and blogger ROFL !
OK I know my hair is weird , FOCUS ON OTHERS ! =D

Owh so this is LOVE XD

I shine ! wtf dumb flash =P

Errr , I hope you guys don't mind I end this post with my vain picture XD
FYI this is my current facebook display .
Like it or not , Its mine profile !
OPS ~ just kidding .

PS : Pic above taken from Feeq and CalvinCho . =)
Cause I need a friggin new Camera ~.~