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Thursday, December 2, 2010

So gonna be a Freak and Start Counting Down =O

Boooo !
Can you guys friggin imagine that my final is so friggin near ,
And I haven friggin prepared ,
Uhm okay I mean I started to prepare
But not F.U.L.L.Y. !

Ahhhhhh *running and screaming in circle*
I am so gonna die
I Dont friggin wanna fail a single shyt paper
especially the friggin LAW
LAW = Like A Waffle
And Waffle is shyt
I cant waffle in my paper either like what I did in audit paper
Hell owh Hell ~

*Namo Namo Aligato*
God Bless me Aleluyah ~.~

Oh well i did study just that I KO fast T_T

[ Studied ]

[ KO ]

See ! I did study so yeah pls god bless me ~ =O

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