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Thursday, January 27, 2011

F*cking Burn and Rot in Hell pls ~ !

What the eff ! Had been hearing friends around me talking about the dog abuse case .
Although this is a 3-years-ago-case . ~.~
Today , for like finally , I search for this video and load and watch and ='C
This is so heart-aching man . ='CCCCC
How can they did this to such a cute and fluffy creature ah !
And wadafak POODLE is my FAVOURITE dog and I had one !
So sad watching this poor little creature been torture like this Y_Y
Whats the freakya problem with people nowadays ?
I wonder where the hell you misplace your brain and heart !
Keep abusing animal .
Well they can't talk but they are not born to be treated like this OK !
Oh ya since you wan't a dog to stand like a human ,
then I think you deserve to crawl on floor with your hands and legs !
wtffff t(-_-t)

Oh crap so feel like crying when watching this video . ><
I can't even finish it =_+ can't bear with it .

So wanna hug my fan fan like now T_T
Don't worry sugar I will never treat you like this ,
Lotsa Love ❤ .


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