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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy with your life ? =)

Yooo hello people I am selling this note book for $1 million .
LMAO just kidding this is mine new planner for year 2011 .
*point* saw the cute hippo ? XD its bathing and OMG its naked ! bahahaa ~
Love this planner . not only its cute design .
Main focus on the quote " Happy with your life " .
Simple yet meaningful . =)
Humans you better happy with your life else evil devil will drag you to hell LMAO .

So yeah my previous one-pic-post exposed my new hairstyle .
Doesn't really mean to cut my bangs short like this again ,
but but but i just remain undecidable even in the saloon . =_+
the only info I gave her is I am sick of my hair covering my face like a curtain coz it just can't friggin stay in the correct place . was like ew ~
she just help me chop off my bangs *scream*
So , Its time to keep my bangs long again LOL
sounds stupid cause I have been repeating this many many many times XS
Oh Oh Oh whatever ITS TOO LATE TO REGRET . =3=
Better love my hair so it grow faster
I wan Rapunzel's hair cause it GROW and GLOW wtf hahaha !

Ok so this is another crap post XD


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