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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stress Des Neh ~ ! @.@

Look at my stress face ! Hahaha ok I mean the pimples T^T Ok la kinda blur . XO
Well people frankly speaking I am starting to feel the stress of ACCA . Hell yeah although its just the 5th days of sem and I really suspect I went in the wrong class . The lecturer was like the biggest sleeping pill on earth talking to me in french . Oh bonjour wtf . =_=

Can you imagine I basically went in the class for like couple of hours and nothing went in my brain ? ~.~ I just . . . stare at her blankly and went to lalaland and dream =S sorry ~ !

Oh shyt basically I just went blank after receiving a call from mom . Seems like family in penang having a big fight . @.@ Anyway mummy you should know that I don't care what others said about us . You , me , one family thats enough . Need not bring down our standard scolding back . Just let them say whatever they wan't . Well , what they said don't even got the value for us to put in our heart . Mummy I love you that's all =)

And don't worry I will prove to them , what they think of us are wrong . Heartz . ❤

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  1. all the best baby! ;D
    i'll support u gah! <3