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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Huha wtf Rara

LOL wtf my title was so friggin random
This gonna be a random post just I just simply pin some words at tittle box X)
Ok people , holiday is over .
Hoooray ! I know I am weird .
I don't really like long holidays =P
All what I do is slag slag slag and SLAG .
Slap me pls LOL

So yeah proudly announce :
Tomorrow will be 1st class . Its a new sem honey .
YCM you really need to work hard kay .
I promise I study hard 100% and play hard 200% XD
Life without playing is nothing better than rotting in hell ~

Little tiny PS : Lets pray I won't be late to class 2mr . Amen .
I need to shake away my holly *late queen* title LOL


Hello Its sho kawaii des neh ! =)
She is nothing but Love . ❤
Misssssss chuuuuu Fannnnn Fannnnnn ~
okay random wtf . LOL

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