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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Its a Confession

Toldcha time dooze off like a shooting star .
It had been a year , did you ever ask yourself , what have you done as the time flew pass your fingers ? =)
Have you make someone smile , Have you make someone cry ?
Well I think I did both . Oh I am not Jesus , I made mistake too kay LOL
Sometimes sorry doesn't help but apology is some sort of manners .
So well I am sorry if I did pissed anyone of you off , like sincerely ? =)

2010 I think I shall conclude it as a great awesome year ~
Even if there is something unhappy , well let it be .
All I urge for is peace LOL whatever shyty nonsense , who cares ? why bother ? Not like it will help wiping it off , right ?
Lots of people ask me , why I can be like everyday happy go lucky .
Hmmm how to say ? Is not that I am so godlike that nothing on earth can upset me .
Just that its kind of emotion , that you can control .

Bad thing happens all the time , kinda no point if you keep mention about it , think about it .
Like : ' ohh how pathetic I am , why they treat me like that , why this happen to me , why he don't like me '
Seriously , this never heal a thing .
How you gonna live your life , its all about you .
Happy or moody , its on your hand . =D

Err I seriously think I am out of topic , hahaha WHATEVERVERVER =P

Along this year , I have been meeting lotsa awesome people .
Bloggers , friends , classmates , coursemates , strangers .
Conclusion : Life never complete without awesome people .
So yeah , THANKS for making my life complete . *appreciate*
The feeling is so great when someone appears in your life as stranger and ends up as the best . =)

Few more days we are stepping in another brand new year
2011 , will be another awesome wonderful great fun year ~ ! =D

Am here , wishing y'all

Happy New Year in Advance =9

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