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Thursday, December 23, 2010

OMG injection *faint*

Ekherm ~

C'mon peepo you really need to praise me now .

Am so hardworking ,

Just went to Adventist hospital for injection . @.@

Hell yeah omwtf injection !

Is so pain you know ? !

2 dose TWO dose ! +_=

one dose on each arm , LOL

I must be walking like a zombie with hand tanggling beside ?

Well , as you can see , I still can blog . =D

But doctor said might fever after awhile .

Namo Namo I hate panadol ~.~

Oh ya what I injected into my body ?

Dono what nonsense BCG and MMR

LOL I dono what they stand for ,

kindly refer to uncle Google if ya interested =P

Ma Face Before injection LOL

Oh whatever thats all bye bye is so pain so yeah sayonara =9


  1. I think it will hurt for a while but now it will not hurt! IT IS FOR LONG TERM ^^! Still remember the old days inject something that we don't even know what it is stand for!!!!

  2. kesian nia~~
    take care ya~~
    hope u get well soon~~ ^^