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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Penang Days @.@

Well , oh ya I'm in penang now ~ =3
Well , Sembreak , Well , visit mama .
When was the last time I went back penang
Oh idk LOL 4 months ?
was like dam long ago .
Sorry mama I should have come back more often
I know you miss me
BUT penang was too boring ewwww ~
OMG peepo time flyyyyy
December going to end soon .
18th dec pass dam fast as well ,
I din't even notice that =S
Happy Birthday Pappy
I won't hate you trust me =D
so yeah .
Hmmm ~
Gonna pass my xmas in penang , how sad ~.~
Whatever gotta do something do something I don't care ~

Oh santa santa I got a long wishlist for you =P

Just in case you forget how I look like ? XD


  1. pretty~~
    jom jom~meet up during x'mas..
    hehe =p

  2. Penang is a good place to celebrate X Mas.. =D U can go gurney or auto city at xmas eve.. SHE hebe is coming autosicty too!