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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Peace Please ~ ! ~.~

Well Someone out there ,
I know you do read my blog ,
Yes , this is for you .

Am I avoiding you ?
Yes I guess .
Seriously I really don't know what I can say to you anymore .

The problem is clear .
Gimme a carefree life , pretty please .
I got too much thing to handle , can you understand ?
I am selfish , yes I am .
Just doze off leaving you all these shyt ?
I don't mind others see me as a playgirl or slut or bitch or WHATEVER

You know , I always envy about your family .
You are such a protected child .
You should know , I am not . not that lucky kay ?
You can have no worries just go pursue what you wan't .
I can't , like serious .

Dad don't care , I am fine .
But my mom , she is my priority .
I ask for a break , yeah that time I am afraid
Scared of the same old shyt happen all over again .

But now aint the same .
I am so determined .
I brought too much trouble to my mom .
How many more times I wanna break her heart ?
I told myself millions time a day .
I wanna give her best life ever .
I wan't to prove to my other relative , those who look down on us .
Toldcha I am selfish and I just wan't my family and future .
Thats all .

Stop pushing me to my limit
Cheers .

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