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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life is never easy , its about how you handle it .

Well people , look at the title , what is in your mind ? Ahhhh , this girl is so gonna crapping about her so called Mannology *yawn* . LOL OMG , I am going to 20 only , I won't nag nag nag and nag like your grandmother no worries . Just that I felt like doing some sharing with you guys .

Hmmm the blog owner is up to something recently and she is not gonna reveal yet . =P Cause I don't feel like blowing the trumpet here and there before I really achieve something big or something wow-able like a bomb . X)

Peepo , I learnt alot this few weeks . So inspired by those awesome people , well you know ? Inspiration . Life is an ongoing process , I guess everyone need their very own way of motivation . For me , I always tried to set a kinda-high aim . Maybe you will laugh at me , HAHA look at her , how dumb she really think she is so awesome till make a big wish like this . Look , today you are pointing at my nose and laugh . But guess what , someday you will stand there and see : " Wow she really did it . " Hate-able point of thought ? Whatever so yeah .

Ok pssssst : Lemmi tell you guys a secret , my main wish right now is someday I am gonna pay for my own studies . And yeah , when there is a will , there is a way .

OH YEAHHHHH share a picture with you all before I end this . ;)

so here you go ~ owh fyi this is the pose inspired by leah dizon .
Leah Dizon's fanssss , Don't spam me pls XD

Rarara Ciao ❤ ~

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