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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Angpow Season On The Way =)


New year new year dong dong chiang luu ~

What am I doing here ?

Oh yes rotting zZz .

Waiting for uncle auntie cousin bla bla coming back .

Waiting for the steamboat to get ready , not yet had my lunch also T_T

Oh LOL my life , IS STEAMBOAT tonight for reunion again .

OMG scary . =S

Why Chinese New Year forever can't run away from steamboat ~.~

OK whatever I don't care ,

All I care is just angpow wahaha !

I need dam alot angpow to get my wishlist done ~

Perhaps I should create a song :

All I wan't Chinese New Year is you , Angpow X)

So yeah . I think I am gonna skip lunch for a better weight LMAO .

Chinese New Year is so fattening WTF T_T


  1. Dont skip lunch kay . Dont torture your stomach ah . haha =D

  2. aiya...
    eat little bit oso can mar...