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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Imma Gonna Steal Some Air

Omo Omo Omo progress test in less than one week's time .
Completely FML f*ckmylife !
Don't scold me first for wasting time .
I swear to my ponytail that I did study ! =D

As what hong kee love to said : 吊頸都要透下氣
which means you should rest a while even when you hanging youself LOL
Hong Kee f*cktheworld right ! XD *proud geeeeee*

This post suppose to be a SHORT one cause I still need to faceAbook !
Promise for a longer one once exam is over .
Pray for me people , I don't wanna sit for progress test special .
Just need to be 30% above ! *amen I love you* X)
so yeah kthxbye .


Do ignore the place I censored LOL
Night ~