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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So yeah !

Humans !
Its time ! Its time !
Its time to sweep away my nonsense stupid emo chinese wtf post below
Shall replace it with something real awesome .
Its so mad friggin holly rock-my-world-ly awesome !
I guess you people can sense its greatness mwahahaha !
I am so fucking happy okay !
like no words on this world can express my feeling right now ! LMAO

Okay enough . *behave*
Well people i shall . . . . . . . .
*drum rollsssss*

Okay okay
probably you all will say
Cheh why the hell she so excited ?
not that she get a really good result also !
Whatever I happy till like can die you blow ar ? XD
I know its just merely scrape thru ~.~
Especially the law paper
50 marks ! LOL one friggin sneeze from the marker then I will be sayonara LOL
But god love me I guess , and I shall love You back ! X)
Whatever I happy ! @.@

Okay just a post to express my happyness
Such a long day , night ya people !
XoXo LoL stands for lots of love ! X)


  1. wow... pass all worh... shud i say gratz to u?? xD

  2. congratz~~~
    no wonder told me last nite got something very nice to write about lar...