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Monday, February 14, 2011

Romantic Doing aint the main element of Valentines =D

Life is Bored sometimes
So we need some prank some surprise .
Roses candle light dinner ring movie date blablabla

For those attached , I shall dare you these =D

1) Buy a box of chocolate and take a bite out of every single pieces . Rewrap it and when your partner opens it , act surprise .

2) Can't afford roses ? Buy her a can of roses seeds .

3) Replace the cream of oreos with toothpaste give it to your love once he/she wake up , don't remember to wish him/her happy valentine's day .

4) Get her a bouquet made up of squirting flower .

5) Scare the shyt out of your bf by a fake home pregnant test . Make sure you " accidentally " leave the test in a believe place your love is sure to see it .

6) Gather all his white undies and wash together with a red socks . Bet your babe need some pink undies for valentine's day .

7) Bring your girl out with your team of dota-mate for a game in replace of candle light dinner . Guess she will kill you . X)

8) Buy yourself a prada limited edition bag by swiping his visa card .

9) Take a RAW egg and dip it into melted chocolate so that it covers it completely. Put it in a fancy box and send it out . *yummyyyy !*

Well , prank is cool but make sure your partner is pretty cool about it as well .

Disclaimer : I will not be responsible if anything happen ;)


Anyway , Happy Valentine's Day People ❤


  1. HAHA I wonder if anyone dare to take these challenges :P Anyway, yr eyes so hugely pretty! :D

  2. i like your picture !! big eyes mei mei xDD liked it d :P

  3. the second idea is brilliant :)

  4. totally ruin's ppl relationship... <3