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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Background · Reason · Secret

Everybody comes with different background ,
Every things happen comes with a reason ,
Every person have their own secret .
Today at where you stand , have a look back , whats have you gone through so far ?
Life might have disappoint you many times , but thats the element that make you growth , isn't it ?

Background , I had never feel shame about mine . Yeah my family aint complete , with loads of problem , quarrel , shyt and rubbish . An irresponsible daddy , is him alive or dead I don't know . I never hate and I try not to blame , why leave us , I assume you had a valid reason . I do miss you , sometimes I really do . But Well daddy daddy do you ever think of me ? or mummy ? Once upon a time , I had the best family on earth , at least I felt so . We aint god dam rich but we are happy tho . Just another past tense . But mummy I promise I will give you the best of best I swear .

Reason , why I hold on till now , why I am doing what I doing right now . There are tonnes of reason . Why I hang in there . Life never get easy and I not that type that give up just like that , so yeah , baby , hang on , stay cool , chill and breath the storm is gone . Don't just blame at the uneasy moment , do something .

Secret , obviously , I am so tired of whats happening recently , sick of hiding it . But guess what , glad that I finally speak out and phew relieve ! =D Oh well , I guess I had wasting too much time on this uneasy moment X)

So So So no matter what it is , good or bad , happy or sad , treasure it and move on . What I mean is we humans have to learn how to let go sometimes . Whats the magic word ?









Hey you Hey you
Don't you miss the crazy time we had ?
Its time to come back Ji Mui That never ever spread =)

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