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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Too early to step in heaven or hell yo ~ =X


Yesterday went for a shooting at taylors lakeside . Hmmm .
Slightly fever in the morning , and yeah sorethroat -.-
I thought these were nothing .
Not until I back from shooting , Not until this morning .

Fever , sorethroat .
Seriously I think I can fried an egg on my forehead last night . =.=
Things doesn't get better I guess
Cause I still feel burning hot this morning .

Something scary happens when I brush my teeth
uh oh . RED . blood mix with toothpaste .
Although my gums are sensitive .
But I think this time is from the throat . =S

OMG I am too young to die helloooooo *touch wood*


  1. take good care ya~ is good to go consult doctor and take medicine~ ^^