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Friday, May 20, 2011

20 more days ? !

Oh yaaaaa !
First of all gonna wishhieee all of you happy 520 ! =P
Teeheeee random wan , I din realise today's date until I was counting how many more days left to my final .
*gurp* yeah final ! Ou Em Geee , I can't believe , 20 more days and its friggin final .
Omo omo omo ! So gonna die !
Aiyoyo I better not to crap so much and save some minutes to go munch book . =/
So yeah you are right , this is a friggin short post =D Rawr !

In order to make my post looks slightly longer ,
hereby I attached an irrelevant picture of mua XD


Night Xoxo
❤ ~
I wonder you guys realise I changed the blog background =P


  1. Good luck for your finals yeah! (: Happy 520 to you too and btw I love yr header, super nice.

  2. all the best in your finals...
    nice picture and nice blog background~!