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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Not enough HP not enough MANA !

Who who who who who the heaven got heal ? !
Seriously the damage of the super combo revision class attack , hou tong ahhhhhh =S
LOL I miss gaming time I miss my annie ! I miss my bear bear ! =_=

Can you imagine 4 days continuosly from 8.30 to 6.30 of non-stop coying with high speed ?
I scared my hand paralyze before I can event friggin step into the goddamn exam hall ! Really many pain ! Many ! T_TOK I lied cause we got a holly one hour lunch break , one hour , is like so long ~.~And we got nothing better to eat but fast food fast food and fast food . Life of an ACCA student , sigh , where is my life . =____=

YCMann YCMann Gambatte Hwaiting Ga Yau Jia You Aleluyah 2mr is the LAST day !
You can friggin rest for one day and continue on sat and sun , YEAH . . .
Cause got another two class on sat and sun
Hello you really think I am supermann mea @.@
OK better stop before my hand falls off like a zombie HAHAHA


Full word post is boring so I got PICTURES =D


Bandar Kuala Lumpur-20110319-00110

My dying face after revision class

AHAHA cheat you one , this picture took long time ago =P


Luckily My source of energy is provided ! =3


OH YA so wanna share this with you guys
saw that cute little thing under the number plate ?
Ou Em Geeeeee so cuteeeeeee LMAO !
Ops forget to censor the car plate number , nah don't care .
The lorry driver aint gonna read my blog wert X)

Kiss bed soon
Update again soon ;)

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