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Friday, May 27, 2011

Pointless regret and said sorry

Why ? Cause you never change , you fucking apologized , so what ? You did it almost every sem , so many cases of failure among these sems , aren't you awake yet ? The message I got that day , I am stupid enough to believe that you finally awake . I am stupid enough to place the reliance in what you said . Nah , just another piece of crap , to friggin make you fell better . At the same time fucking waste your parents money . Get a life dude .

You said what I critic about you , scold about you is true , you shouldn't skip class you shouldn't this and that . But guess what ? I reach my limit . I am not that free , to annoyed you about that anymore . Afterall , you change nothing . Stop lying stop pretending you realize your mistake , the feeling of disappointment is way more greater that the anger . And sorry to tell you , not only me , but everyone of us .

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