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Monday, May 2, 2011

I know I am weird =P

Was on facebook killing time a while ago , came across some random page created by some random people with lotsa deadly gorgeous girl in it . Well okay I gonna say , some only HAHA because some of them either with shyt load of make up , or with excessive photoshop work . Aiyaya who cares , not my face also =P

Then I happens to tweet that , I think I am a half guy cause I enjoy looking at beautiful girl rather than handsome boy . LOL I am $2150531.89 serious okay ? ! If you know me well , you will see me always looking at hot girls picture on the net , but not guys .
Hold on a min ,
I swear to my water bottle , I am not a lesbian ! =D

I just don't know why HAHA okay whatever , gonna show you all some eye catching leng lui picha . Ma latt lou out there , please prepare some tissue just in case your nose bleed or keyboard flooded by the saliva X) Tissue yo !

Nah this time I gonna bring you guys some fehmes japanese magazine model , POPTEEN ( super well known and most of the girl super crazy about it )









I used to read popteen alot , so I shall show you guys one of my favourite model in it ! =D
Drum rolllllllll ~ Taaaadaaaaaa ~

Izuoka Misuki in the house ! ❤





Zomg zomg zomg I think I falling in love again XD
Oh wait once again , I am 100% straight .
I aint a lesbo yo ! =D

Awesome dinner serving soon kthxbyeciaoxoxo ❤

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  1. lol, all look like they are doing fake lashes and contact lenses ads. Haha.. but very very pretty.