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Sunday, May 1, 2011

There is a sick cat in the house ! ngeow ~

Due to someone's weak body with a low immune system or no at all , I think I need to memorize all these step from tip to toe ~.~
I search for all these tips from the net 7 this morning , just in case someone get too hot and burnt his brain and become a retard =P *touchwooood*

Btw , I don't guarantee all these steps will work ya , different body need different treatment . Just like account , different items need diferent accounting treatment LOL sounds like an accountant ? MACAM YES X)
okay I don't think all these shyt can help -.- scroll down then you will know why I said so LOL

1. You should start by taking off any excess clothes or blankets . The environment should be comfortably cool .
I WONDER , what if we feel freaking cold instead of hot ? O_O I GUESS we need sweater ? Hmmm .

2. If you feel chilled dress in comfy clothes . Now is no time to be a fashion diva . Drag out your rattiest , most comfortable nightgown or pajamas and robe . Put on some socks .
I THOUGHT this is the same point as the one above ? =/ Its just an elaboration la #phail .

3. Drink plenty of liquids . First drink water , and stick with it . If you feel good enough , try some Ginger Ale . This really feels cool and soothing on your throat . If you're over 21 , enjoy a hot toddy made by adding honey , lemon , and whiskey to hot water .
I WOW , alcohol treatment after 21 , too bad we still underage =P Btw drink more water really works ! =)

4. Take Motrin (Ibuprofen) or Tylenol (Acetominophen) or Alleve (Naproxen) or Biogesic (Paracetamol) fever reducer . This really helps ! There is a kind for kids and adult . Follow the directions on the package on dosage information . Call a doctor for doses on children not covered on the package directions .
I DOUBT , hmmm medic like panadol might help but I thought its not good to eat panadol too much ? =/ Some people told me we need 6 years to digest one panadol wtf scary =.= But all medic also not good wan nah LOL

5. Put an ice pack on your forehead or damp rag . This also cools you down temporarily . Or, soak a washcloth in a bowl of cool water . Then bring it out and place it on your forehead . This will help your body to lower it's temperature , thus reducing the fever faster .
I TRIED but not really works . But it did make the person feel comfy .

6. Just relax and stay cool by drinking plenty of fluids .
I SAY , warafak this is another repeated point you cheat one !

7. Get a bowl of ice cream or a Popsicle . This will take your temperature down . Don't worry about your die t; calories consumed while you are sick don't count . Your body is burning a ton of calories having a fever ! Preferably you have someone else at home who can get this for you. If you have chills , you may want hot chocolate .
I WANT to get fever naoooooo !!! OMG ice cream OMG chocolate =3

8. Get someone to massage your head , neck and back . If you can get them to do your arms , legs , hands and fingers it will feel really good , too . If you don't have someone to rub you then just use an electric massager .
I THINKING , who don't want get sick everyday if got VIP treatment like this ? ! =_+

9. Apply a damp cloth to legs , feet and neck . Only apply until the cloth is warm because excess application only makes the situation worse by cause shivering which increases core body temperature .
I YORRRR wtf repeat AGAIN ! $#%@#

10. Drink cool liquids , as tolerated .
I SPEECHLESS jor nor dotdotdot

11. Take a cold shower . You think a hot shower makes you feel better , but it actually makes your body temperature higher . A cold shower for 15 minutes can reduce your fever .
I DOUBT again , what if I catch a cold ? LOL you cheat me ah ! ? =S

12. To combat infection , garlic soaked in hot water and sipped slowly can reduce the chance of another fever and alleviate the symptoms of the current fever
[citation needed]
I NEED to ask the doctor cause I DON'T UND lol don't simply try ah !

Angelica root boiled and infused in water will help bring down a fever
[citation needed]
I WONDER , go where find this root at homeee RAWRRRRRRR -.-

If possible keep the patient in an air conditioned room so as to have a constant cold room temperature , this also helps lower the patient's body temperature .
I KNOW this , whatever nah off it if he feels cold later =D

15. Follow these steps and have plenty of rest and your fever will be gone in no time .
I WANT sue this website liaw =-= what is this ? can this shyt counted as another step ? +_+

I Yahhhhhh whatever nah share for fun only
Try at your own risk yo !


See , babe also face palm jor =P

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