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Thursday, July 7, 2011

[ Adv ] What's your story ?

Since you people is so free to read this blog post by me at this moment . I am gonna pass you all an opportunity to win some cash and awesome prize . * pssssst , 5k leaaaaaaa ! =D * What's the prize ? How to join ? Chill chill chill , continue reading my post =)

Wondering if you guys ever heard about Trend Micro before . Anyway you can visit their website for further information to clear any doubt of yours . During this wonderful July , Trend Micro held a campaign promotes awareness of internet safety since now we are in some kind of cyber-boom era . Internet safety is always an issue . Through this contest , Trend Micro wish to listen from everybody's piece of mind and experiences about internet safety . So , do join the contest and split it out =D


Oh ya , before I tell you all about how to join the contest , I shall and I should tempt you guys with the attracting prizes you may get to win !

So , now what ? How to join the contest ! =D

Very simple .
First , you have to choose among the 3 categories below , which topic you would like to elaborate on .
- Being a good online citizen
-Using a mobile phone wisely and
-Maintaining your privacy online

Then , you have to submit a brief video recording of themselves which needs to include below 4 segments .
- Introduction – Fans to introduce themselves (name, where they are from, etc.)
- Concerns about Internet Security.
- Personal story involving Internet Security.
- Ending script – “So, this is my story. What’s your story?”

Next , register and upload your video to
(The video must be AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV, or WMV format, not longer than 2 minutes and not greater than 100 MB in size.)

Last but not least , ask around for your circle of friends' help . Just a simple click of 'Like' as a vote before 8th of August .

So what are you waiting for ? Faster record a video and upload before 31st of July ! Good luck and all the best !

Trend Micro

Website :

Facebook Fanpage :

Hmmm nah nah so this is an ugly sample video made by me

go ahead and produce a better one and get your money ! =D

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