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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Soooo manyyyy pendingggg postttttttt !

Hello ! This blog ain't dead yet !
The one who KO is mine laptop =_=
I don't mean to leave it like this but I dono where is the effing Dell service center ,
Some friends of mine told me msia don't have Dell service center ~.~
Grrrr , stupid msia -.-
I also forget how long I never update blog and how many pending post I have =C

Well , I shall list it out and update slowly LOL
oh should I just simply update HAHAHA =P
Simply I guess , cause its too many things I even when forget when those thing happens lol

For mine sem break , I aint that lucky can travel oversea ,
What I did is just went back to Penang .
Eat sleep eat sleep and yeah I gain alot of vitamin f in that 2 weeks .
From 43kg ----> almost 50kg =O
Luccccckily I am back to normal in another two weeks
Dont learn my diet plan , I just simply don't eat .
Things that I won't touch . R I C E !
But I ate burger LOL and fries =P

Hmmm Ok I shall just show you some picture about the precious gathering of our gang
but but but 四缺一啦! lack of one person which could make it perfect T_T
Blame the stupid Sunway sem break = Utar New Sem ~.~
I dono how many years I din saw her ad =_= Miss die her .

So , this is the awesome trisome outing . PS : Penang is hot !
1st Stop , OLD TOWN @ New world park LOL -.-

Yuan yee - owh shining teeth =D
Choo Ning - hou yau yeng =P


2nd Stop , errr a random wallpaper shop where choo ning work at ,
Just wanna get some free air cond =P

See the wallpaper ? Really nice and classy
Tried hard to take a pic of us tgt LOL

3rd stop , BodhiHeart Sanctuary
Send yuan yee back to her mummy =D
Seriously the scenery there is freaking awesome
For those who in love with photography should not miss it ! never !


next top model =P
Oh gosh look at my leg , told you I gained weight X(

Fav <3

By Choo Ning Photography XD

Monkeyyyy faceeeee

Time pass , we grown up .
Far apart , we separate .
Deep inside , we unite .

No matter where we are , friends forever and ever

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  1. drop a message to you here.
    I dont know that dell doesnt have service centre, but i know dell has a great after sale service.
    u can call up to dell centre and tell them what's wrong with your laptop.
    after confirming with u, they will send a technician to meet u up and help to repair your laptop. :)