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Monday, July 25, 2011

Working Days with British Council

Travel back with times . . .

Its on 6th of July . Where I suppose to sit in the college lecturer theater for the 1st class of the sem . Oh ya I am in effing Professional Level for ACCA now . =S Instead , I went for something better HAHA something related to the dollar sign . YESSSSS , sui lui bao of the day . I went to earn some money instead of study =P Easy Job Scope Easy Money LOVE LOVE LOVE max

The working period is 3 days
In fact I should say 2 days plus as the 3rd day we only work until lunchtime
And we get to have a lunch with those exhibitor and participant of the seminar .
Oh yaaaa this event is a seminar where selected participant from all around the world
came to malaysia , this shitty place LOL to enhance their skill of teaching ? LOL
We got Korean , Japanese , European , Vietnamese , Taiwanese bla bla bla ~
Seriously I love working with foreigners
They are so politeeeee and friendly ~~~

What I did when working ? Basically we just help those participant to find their venue for the talk , different talk and answer any question of them like , where is the washroom LOL Oh ya and register on the first day , mark their name , get their payment of RM350 yes RM350 =O , and get them their goodie bag ^^ Its so easy right , and I got RM300 *grin*

I cant take photo during working , but I can show you all what we got on the last day . The kinda-awesome lunch in Prince Hotel =) So yeah .

Nah the menu , if you can see the word =P
DimSum ! the service is so awesome , that the waiter actually help to put the dimsum in your plate , for everybody . So no more like those typical wedding dinner where ppl like in a war and grab whatever they can X) *credit*
Well Ugly Hair -.-
Tiff Tiff Tiffanny ^^
Dono what sze chuan soup . Its so effing hot that I can never touch it . =S *wasted food*
My fav all time , MUSHROOM ! and broccoli heh with oyster sauce ❤ ❤ ❤
Dono what seed fried rice , oily as you can see =p
Deserrttttt time ! Rawr is Mango Sago =D

Btw , I forget to took the picture of sweet and sour fish LOL too hungry .
Gomen nasai ! =D

With the end of the lunch , it ends our work .
And the money is safely ends up in our wallet =D
Weeee Happy Girl =DDDD

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