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Friday, July 29, 2011

Its a Friday Night . . .

A random outing . LOL . As usual , I don't have class on friday . This is the only awesome thing during this sem , cause I just take 2 papers . Which means one week I only need to attend class on mon to thurs . Each day never exceed 6 hours , not that bad after all right . =D

Craving for spaghetti when I was bathing , HAHA *random* . Then the 'noob one' suggest : lets go Ben's and eat spaghetti ! Wow , so the 'noob one' can read my mind =P

So , we went to Pavilion's Ben's LOL . Before I comment about it I shall show you some pictures first .

Ohhhh I no likey the staff there , Stupidnesssss took away the menu when I trying to take a pic of it . Ewwww you sucks ! -.-

Bandar Kuala Lumpur-20110722-00014
So, this is not a menu .
Bandar Kuala Lumpur-20110722-00013
My Carbonara . Errrr not really nice , tooo creammyyyyy .
The ' noob one ' said : real original carbonara suppose to be dry and not creammy .
Thus , Fail carbonara .
And why the cheese one piece one piece , not melt yet . Aikhx .
Bandar Kuala Lumpur-20110722-00015
Beef Lasagna .
Looks good ? HAHA Dang , the ' noob one ' said no enough bolognese taste .
Hmmmm I don't like it also . One mouth that's all .

Hmmm , so food kinda fail . No idea about others food .
Didn't order desert , as the carbonara is sooooo creammy made me so full .
Btw . the worst thing of Ben's is the service .
All the waiter waitress like in their dreamland . Not alert at all one .
The customer beside us wave for bill for like so long , no one realise .
Until the woman said : " Haih you see there's 6 staff there , and yet , they can't see us waiving . "
Same case goes to us . =.= so fail .
Errr , one thing to praise about is the environment . the music so on , thats all .
But I can't eat the environment , so yeah . I don't think I will back to that place . *peace*

After that , we went to a drift event at Speed City @ Serdang .


Main point is checking out the layout of the Speed City .
Cause Mcclubz gonna make an awesome event soon =D


Oh ya , for those who haven't check out Mcclubz facebook ,
here you go ~
[ Its a must for car lover , not gonna elaborate much , just click on it aite . ^^ ]

Back to the drift event , Its quite cool to see they drift .
Its like Initial D . HAHAHA =D
Nothing much to say . Just look at the not so awesome photo that I took =)


Speed City
Haha , its like the logo of motorsport playground floating in the air =P
Look at the smoke after a drift LOL **
Spot me =D

PS : all the above photo taken by a noob BB bold 2 , blame it for the quality alright =D *booo*

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