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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Written by ME . =P

Once upon a time , there is stupid girl which stays in the college hostel got nothing better to do . She survive day by day with her little pet laptop . She don't study , just face the adorable laptop all the time after class before sleep . Ah lifeless .

One day , something happen unexpectedly . The lifeless girl was chatting on msn , as usual . Happily talking about paranormal activity when the laptop screen suddenly blink and the color started to fade and come back , fade and come back * scream , hou cheh ah ! * Lol but she was brave enough not to scream and take a short video of the screen blinking and send to the fella she chatting with .

Then suddenly the girl has been sucked into the laptop and trap there forever .


LOL nonsense over .
Nah the front part of the story is true and even the video is true wan . No lie ok .
Except the ending part is totally crap .
Me , the lifeless girl still alive , here blogging =D

Yeah finally I fix my lappie ! ZOMG so happy and so regret never contact Dell earlier .
So that I need not bored to death without the accompaniment of my pet lappie =P
People I got to tell you this .
I bought this lappie 2 years ago , and yeah I got its warranty extended .
Smartest choice in my life . =/

Their service was so zomghollyefficient man !
I just email them and discuss about the problem I facing .
Then they straight send me an engineer to my house and fix it .
Guess what , he used a screw driver and 10 minutes to solves the problem I facing like so effing long .
OMG really regret never contact them earlier instead went to the stupid computer shop and listen to the staff said : " we don't know how to fix this . " WTF -.-

Well , so the real ending is , the lifeless girl is now playing the lappie and they shall live happily ever after .

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