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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dedicated to you , Jamie Tiow ❤

Well , after so long I still cant get used to say goodbye , especially to important people like you . Sometimes I think , I wish I could be selfish and keep everyone beside me , just beside me , not going anywhere . I wanna see those who I loved the most everyday .

Life after high school , got to know new friends , but it doesn't means the old one is forgotten . After seperating with you all after so many years of sticking together , I still find it hard but manage to hang in there cause we are not too far apart , we could meet each other up every holiday , except Yixian haih . *cursing Sunway and Utar* . But still , just 4 hours journey and there I am back to see you all .

But this time is slighty different or I should said its totally different . Its not gonna be that easy for us to meet up like last time . You going oversea , Yuanyee across the sea and Yixian at her holly kampar while I am here , KL .

I know , I know . We shall meet once again next year . T_T And I need to wish you all the best .

Stand firm on your main aim of life and proceed with passion . After tonight you will be going to somewhere you not familiar with , pls promise us that you will take care of yourself , miss us and never forget us . Our gathering next year will be an unbreakable promise between us .

A little farewell at skype , a little song that speak out pieces of our mind . -Count on me , Bruno Mars-

A heart made up of tiny little pic of us representing our memories that will stay forever .


Mann .

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  1. walking here with a smile.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..