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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lum Sum My Self Declare Holiday =D

Ho Ho Ho , I got so much thing to post but I delay delay and delay until I got no clue how to start so I shall just talk about hair cut day 1st since it already passed friggin few weeks ago if I not mistaken . LOL .

Had to Accompany ze noobie to cut his hair . He insist to go to the saloon in SERDANG cause he said he like the hairstylist there . yes wtf SERDANG so effing far D= but since I am not the one driving , you like la =P Sit in the car for like dono how long , I somehow felt I reached Port Dickson LOL .


I got so bored in the saloon and I started to braid my hair =D Okai Okai I know You might spot nothing cause I got no no DSLR sorry nah !


From the back , okai I know fail again , *facepalm*


Ze Noobie 's chicken hair hahaha , he die die also said he is pineapple babe , ewwww ~ " its chicken , kokokai hello " X)

The hairstylist so kind help him wash hair massage and even give him free facialllll ! ~.~ unfair unfair nurrrr . *scandal scandal* heh , no nah , cause the jie jie help him cut hair since he was young maaa =D Btw the hairstylist said my hair colour made my hair looks dry T_T *FMLFMLFML* She said I need colour treatment . Haih *$$$$*


Ze noobie pretend to be very concentrated when driving , CHEAT ONE !


TOLD CHA ! look at his silly face =D


Sunny dayyyyy shineshineshinesweatsweatsweat D=


Make up free is naisu ! I mean the feel , like your skin eye nose face can breath nicely . even my dark circle come out say hi nicely . =u=

Bandar Kuala Lumpur-20110806-00107

I am a happy girl cause I finally found a nicely fit bag for my polaroid =D Thanks to ze zombie's sister which bought me this from Thailand =)
Oh yeah pls allow me to advertise abit , the polaroid I mention is Fujifilm Mini Instax . I do sell this tiny awesome instant cam , Check it out at HERE

Hehe this is mine ❤ Pink

Any enquiries , just email me at aite ~ ^^

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