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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why Accountants Don't Write Novels


Read through my favourite magazine Reader's Digest and feel like sharing one part of this article with you guys . Its pretty interesting . But sad part is you cant get the joke if you don't have basic accounting knowledge like those terms . Whatever , so yeah .

A story by an accountant , its called : " Harry Potter and the Balance Sheet " .

Once upon a time there was a boy called Harry Potter , whose uncle said he was a liability . But the boy felt unwilling to accept this designation without qualification , since his parents were off-balance sheet , ie missing . One day a strange visitor named Hagrid gave him a free , outsourced consultation . " This advice is provided to you without prejudice , " he said . " Your fortunes may go up or they may go down . Due diligence requires me to inform you that you are not a liability of the muggle class , but an asset of the wizard class . "

The young asset travelled to Hogwart's School for a set of " add value " courses expected by analysts to cause a significant appreciation in his book value . In class , Harry met a female asset called Hermione and observers expected him to eventually have a merger with her .

But then an outside party called Voldemort earmarked him for 100 percent depreciation , ie dealth . Harry defeated the hostile takeover bid using an unlisted extraordinary item called heroism . In a huge EGM of interested parties at Hogwarts Hall , Harry found that his book value had increased . However , there was no merger with Hermoine . " Also , I havent found my parents , who are still listed as receivables , " Harry said . As a result , analysts suggested that there may be room for subsidiary or spin-off adventures .

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