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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Earliest this time ! =D

Tadaaaa I must be the earliest person to post about this =D
Guess what guess what I gonna tell you all ?
Heh !

Fyi , I spent my Hari Raya and Merdeka Holidays at Penang .
Yes , the other than food got nothing else island D=
As usual , forced by mom , ate a lot , diet ? Gone .
I thought of capture every single thing I ate in Penang but very inconvenient cause my camera spoilt and mobile phone's camera sucks .
But I cant resist to capture the following and blog about it .

Talking about Hari Raya and Merdeka . No comment duh .
Cause I spend it like any other normal days cause I am neither Malays , or Malaysian . XO
Anyways , the raya or merdeka , cheh not happening at all also .

So I decided to finish all these during this week long break , hah !


TaaaRaaaaa ! Its Ice Cream MoonCake by Haagen Daz =D
I tell you this is really zomg awesome till can die !
At least this cute little thing delighted my days in penang
and gain me some fat . -.- FatMyLife .


Chocolate And Vanilla


Cookies And Cream


Strawberry Crispy Base


Coffee And Macadamia Nuts

PS : Pictures look overly orange cause of the dining hall's light .
Its Orange =.= Can't blame the camera , it already did the best to focus out the haagen daz's wording LOL

So yeah .
Should have blog longer cause I still got other stuff to say .
But I need to go and attend my monorail and LRT lesson . LOL
Its time to learn how to sit monorail and LRT , ALONE ! =D
Am an adult , stop relying on others and be independent !


Evil minded tempt you all before I end this post .
Hah ! =P

Happy MoonCake Festival In Advance ,
really Advance ! ^_^

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