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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Improper Teaser Hah !

Got no inspiration after flashing all those to - be - blogged pictures . FML

Fine , I will just blog about the photoshoot day heh ~

I did went for a photoshoot , a real simple one . Its quite a special experience , cause this is the 1st time I gonna shoot with someone I don't really know and I never see before . It ends up real awesome , I happy and I din't get rape or what hahaha ~

Talking about the photographer , she happens to be my roommate's lecturer . LOL and my roommate is also one of the photographer , a beginner , so I am her white mice LOL

Picture haven't out yet , so yeah . I can only show you guys these . =D some not so professional photos .

Before = Neat
After = Messy
Nose went missing LOL
Trying to make my roti canai face looks smaller =D
Look at my eye bag my panda eye , didn't sleep well cause I am so nervous + excited the night before . ~.~
Okeh bye people blog again soon ! ^^ Night !

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