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Monday, September 12, 2011

Mann Ate : Belly Good , Uh oh its so non halal ~

Hey Hay heay ! I got something to recommend =D Hungry ghost come see come see =P


As you all can see , its BELLY GOOD ! hahaha so cute right , but too bad its pork lover paradise . so , those muslim dude , see you again next post ^_^

Look at the menu's picture is already tempting enough . Went there right after I reach KL [ PS : Came back from penang , starving after 6 hours journey , haih hate JAM ! ]


Those pictures on the wall =P Epic phail again , must be my hand shaking cause I am so Hungareeee ! =3


The whole restaurant was empty , cause its around 4pm in the evening yo ~ Well who the nonsense come eat steak for tea time LOL


 The Most common Ice Lemon Tea , I forgot how much XO


My Passion Fruit Tea , it taste like some kind of soap water at first HAHA , I wanted to order Green tea wan ma ~ OCHA OCHA OCHA ! =S But afterall its not bad .


The noobie's Pork Belly OMG so fattening but the fats wooooo it melts in your mouth man ! Awww ~ so so so yummy ! and the I-dono-what-sauce of this is so awesome *drooling*


My Baby Back Ribs =D The meat texture wow , you know what , its so soft , even your grandmother can eat [ PS : I am not insulting any grandma out there kay ^^ ] Oh btw the sauce for this is I-dono-what-sauce-no-2 . But its spicy heh =P

Hmmm , seriously those who love to hunt for food and pamper your stomach and don't scared to get fat , ahhhh its worth it to be fat anyway ~ YOU SHOULD COME AND TRY THIS , LIKE SERIOUSLY ! The price range is so - so la , hmmm still affordable . For the above two main course is around RM20-ish each , baby back ribs more expensive almost RM30 , but the portion is big , so is worth it ~ =)

Free ads for Belly Good =D

You guys can have a look at the menus , promotion all those at before visiting them .

Have a belly good dream 
Night peepo !

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