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Thursday, December 29, 2011

I just want you to understand , mom

Seriously , I am so bloody grateful that mummy don't know how to use internet , at least there is somewhere let me breath . Seriously . Parents were once children , they have their own parents as well , but WHY they can NEVER understand us ? =(

 I don't mean that every parents is like that . Only some , or only mine . Frankly speaking , the children is the mirror reflecting the parents .  So why our mistake always like a serious crime like murder , how about you ? Your same god dam mistake is what ? Reasonable ?

Mummy keep complaining my attitude towards her is bad . Fine , I did try the shyt out of me to be good . I used to fight back every single time . But now I just remain silence . Silence is gold , but it did not save me from scolding . I manage to be silence but I just cant effing smile at you , WHO THE HELL IN THIS WORLD CAN SMILE AT YOU AFTER GET FUCKED BY YOU HELLO ? ! I do have feelings , your daughter just an ordinary human .

Honestly , there are things I wanna speak out that much , but I cant . I tried to communicate with you , so I got your famous communication way - scold . I just wanted to tell you to keep your cash money properly in your small little purse that you squeeze all your cash in , I just trying to tell you that there is very big chance your money will drop when you pull a note out of your purse . That's what happen all the time . Whats the big hu ha ? Why the reaction I get is scolding again ? Is that you are my mummy then I cant effing comment any thing ? I know you work real hard to earn those money , that's why I don't wanna see you lose any money again , not even a dollar . So what I did is wrong again huh ?

Another major mistake I did today is I thought we can communicate better , I thought I can discuss the problem with you . I am afraid of get scolding , but I still try to be brave and blah out everything . But guess what ? I get the same reaction right after I tell out one sentence : " I know you will scold me for this , but sometimes mummy's attitude also same ... ", I even try to smile when telling this out . God know , deep down in me I am so bloody scared ! So , I cant even have the chance to tell the whole thing , so I don't deserve a chance of voicing out my thought . Now I und . I just wanted to tell you , everybody got emotion , see you also will show face when I telling you something that make you feel annoyed . Can't you understand me sometimes ?

" If you are the one working from morning till night non stop and you got no one helping you , how good your attitude can be ? You not same ! "

Awesome , really awesome mummy . Don't you remember you are the one saying : " no need la , you go do your stuff , no need help I can do " ? So which one from you is your real wish ? I can't read you , mummy . The only conclusion I get is , when your mood is good , everything good and I am safe . When your mood down , I am your pillow to punch .

That's why I hate going back home ,
It's just so stress when facing you , mummy.


  1. weyy , dont la like this . she is your mum after all ... 天下無不是之父母啊 ...

    in this post , u say u have emotion and u dun like yr mum to scold u . i think she also wont feel good after scolding u ma .

    and sumore u mention she will treat u good and everything will be good when her mood is great , right ? n she only bad to u when she is in bad mood ma . she has emotion too . jz try to be more considerate n tolerate will help u both to improve ..

    1. I understand ~ that's why I post it here and not fight with her ~ ^^