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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Long Lost Update =P Cherating Trip ~ ^u^

           Harroooo ! =D Eherm , I got lotsa photo but I don't know what to write ~ =P Hmmm , went for a really relax trip with whole bunch of friends right before the ends of my not-so-long-and-awesome sem break ( my sem break only got 2 weeks FMLFMLFML -.- ) . Luckily this trip manage to bring some sparks to my holiday =) 

          Did nothing much there , relax trip ma ~ So basically we try our best to relax only LOL . We swim , we play pool , we play ping pong , we eat , we drink , some people drunk , and we sleep and shit LOLOLOL . 

         I shall stop crapping and start show some pictures =D * typical lazy blogger I am I am ! *

After =/

Fat Boy Alert  ! D=
Random Flower At R & R ,
They are so beautiful that's why I willing to waste some memory space on them =)

Super windy over there , manage to take these after few attempts LOL
I can be photographer of myself ! X)

Megustache No1 and 2 HAHAHA !

He say he is Xie Ting Fong , boooo sama DIA !
Kath look like vampire over there ! =O
Best Shopping and yamcha buddy yo ^_^

PS : Wonder why I don't have a single photo of food ? Because everybody so hungweee included me , we eat like hungweee ghost once the dishes touch the table LOL

 Night Time activity =D Must have some alcohol one !

Don't remember what's Ronnie doing over there O_o

And hor , I tell you ~ 
Don't drink if you don't wanna ends up like this . . . 

AHAHAHAHA ! sorry Alfred trolololol !
I see what you doing there XD
Finally some food picture , typical hotel breakfast in buffet style ~ 

Told chiu its super windy over there =_= But I like ! C(=
I shall end this post with my favourite photo ! Super Love the background over there ! ❤ 

Last but not least , 
A trip is never complete without some Polaroid photo ~ !

Stained Glass Film is Love ! =3