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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fringe is the biggest problem =/

I always got a dilemma , how to maintain my fringe -.-

Side parting is annoying if you don't pin it up , it covers your face like a curtain when you trying to writing or what , YISH ! 

See even taking a picture I have to secure it with my finger FML ~.~

Personally I love side parting with this kind of length but its hard to maintain as well ! Once they exceed certain length , the curve is not there and it become more and more annoying GRRR ~

Then I friggin chop off my bangs . I fall in love from the very first beginning , I felt I got the right one this time but few days later I get dam irritated with bangs already wtf . Seriously bangs can be very nice , it makes you look like a doll or what ( self - praising LOL ) But do you know bangs like this will make your forehead booming with pimples ? haih =( hell . 

 And guess what , I changed again . This time into center parting . 
Center parting actually quite good for people having big round face like me =P
can make our face looks smaller !!! *credit credit* 
And it didn't annoy me anymore , like finally . 
Just that , people around me said I look more mature with center parting . 
Haih God IS GOD DAMN FAIR I tell you !
Pros and cons always come together .

Tell me if you got better solution ! *desperate face* 
Good night peeeeepoooooossss ;)