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Friday, February 3, 2012

Adorable level : Princess

Ok Ok I know I am a very very lazy blogger . 

But seriously its so fun hugging pillow everyday and do nothing =P

Fine Fine Fine I admit I spend most of my time doing other nonsense things like gaming and watching The Walking Dead LOL But its really so addicting ~.~

I am sorry Don't blame me kay ? 

I promise I will change *finger crossed*

Promise to dress properly like a blogger HAHAHA as if . =D

Nah need to work hard earn more for nice clothes and shoes HEHEHE

Photoshoot perhaps ? 

Keep my chin up never give up ! 

But but but its so late now its already 5 in the morning , 

So , allow me to say goodnight and bear with this crap post aite ? X)

Btw , this is my dog Princess's Chinese New Year pinkish pom pom tail XD

Nah give you a goodnight kiss until we meet again in the next post .
I promise wont keep you guys long *finger crossed again* =/

Aha before saying goodbye , I am kind enough to show you my cute little princess BAHAHA we force her to wear shoes during cny just for fun . Poor her cant walk properly cause still not used to it . First time wert . Just a noob video din't actually capture how she walk but still posting it out because her tail is so friggin adorable ! =D

Long day tomorrow , last round for going hse to hse robbing angpow ! X)
Angpow , Cny cookies and gambling mwahahaha . 
21 point please stick to me tomorrow . I love you mwah mwah XDDDDD

Good morning/night people and