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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This suppose to be a January post =/

HAHAHA obviously both of the bday girl Liling and wai kuin aint ready yet . XD

 Brian trying to photoboom =.=

I had tried my best to crop out Brian when I taking this photo . Close enough . 

 Finally a proper one . =/ Oh btw note that Waikuin in her hairband and house T ? HAHA we just sneak in her hse when she mopping the floor LOLOLOLOL *successkid.jpg*

Epic fail . I don't know why wai kUin became a cloth , kAin -.- 

Awesome me fix it by eat away the icing with my finger LOL

Testing my auto timer hehehe . =P Manage to make my slim S2 stand on a box . *we gusta*

 Kinda success until I realise the bottom right part . FFFUUUUUUU

Another try . HAH ! I got a thumb up seeeeeee =D

Late always Late . LOL 

I don't know why I feel I look like her in this photo @.@
Anyway , hope you like the surprise =)

A purse choosen by me , FML I like this so much .
Nvm , you are in good hand now =P

PS : forgot to capture Ling's present . anyway if you wanna see whats her present . 
Go google dollywink eyeliner and nail polish LOL