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Monday, February 27, 2012

A giveaway as promise =) Who wants a POLAROID hello ? =P

Hello everybody =D
Ok I shall go straight to the point . 
And the point is I need a favor from you guys but instead of just pure asking 
I shall make it as a win-win situation for both parties . 
Well ok you might said its some marketing plan or what . 
Yea sort of like but bitch pls who cares since its no harm and easy ! =D

I know bribe is definitely needed in order to get what I want LOL !

Ok ok ok the thing I need from you guys are very very easy .
I will post out a link in my facebook profile , NOTE THAT : not page .
I will make that post public in order for those who not in my friendlist to see .
If they want to take part . =)
And what I need is just a simple LIKE / COMMENT / SHARE .

I don't even need you all to like my page , its just the link =)
Nah thats not virus or what no worries .
I just need some likes in order to get payment =P
Its seriously not a contest or what LOL I will never go for that fb voting contest thinggy ~.~

The link will be up HERE 

You have to click wall in order to see the link =)

This will be what the public see.

I am sorry for those who not in my friendlist , you all only can share it .
but this will not affect the result of the giveaway still so no worries ^^ 

And the prize will be

For Boy winner , a blue mini instax camera .
or for Girl winner , a pink mini instax camera =)

So what are you waiting for ? 
 Contest will be close as soon as reach 300 likes =)