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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Toy Finally C=

     Teeheehee I am a happy girl =) Manage to get what I dream for so long , things that I thought I can only get it after I start working . But I made it =D A new phone last year and a camera this year =D Maybe to many of you out there ,these two things are so easy to get . But not for me , family is not rich . Mom is working so effing hard to give me a comfortable life . Dad is missing . Refinance house just to study . I don't have the dreamlike life everybody dream of , but I am satisfied . I will make it better one day , my life and my mom's .Do not upset for what you lack of , be happy that you are given a chance to work hard for it . 


       Last friday , we went to Pudu Plaza to get my new toy ehehehe . Having a hard time choosing canon s100 and nikon p300 . I know I know canon s100 is the latest model and sure it will be better than nikon p300 . But s100 is really out of mine budget , the cheapest I can get is RM 1,300 while nikon p300 i got it at RM 880 with a 8gb memory card , a case , extra battery , screen protector and 1 year warranty . Price wise and the camera is good enough for me . Aint a superpro photographer thus I don't need something out of my range . ^^

     After I got my cam , we spotted an in house kopitiam inside the plaza . So we decided to give it a try . Bfie ordered "cham-O" and mine is "kopi ice" . The taste is not bad , tried the "cham-O" [ kopi + tea ] , got a very nice tea smell with the kopi . Both in a correct proportion , not too much not too less . =) And mine "kopi ice" is not as special as the "cham-O" but its good enough . Doesn't taste like those "kopi ice" nowadays that have too much water too much sugar too much milk everything too much but not kopi . =3= Btw le bf looks like shin chan in my picture =P Sit for a while then we go ahead and explore the plaza . Its like we step into a time machine and travel back to the past . So much childhood memories found =D

 *pukerainbow.jpg* Still got a lots of things , din't get to take photo cause I am busy puking rainbow =D

     Before we going home , we saw a tempting food stall outside Pudu Plaza . It's something like Hot n Roll . 

The Golden Apam Balik aka the chinese Hot n Roll very nice actually .
We ordered :
 1) Chicken floss + Cheese + Egg + Spring Onion 
2) Peanut + Chocolate + Banana
     I prefer salty salty things so I tried the chicken floss one first . Its slightly spicy but taste really good . Bfie love banana [ sound so wrong wtf ] so he choose the banana one . According to him is nice la , idk cause din't get to try it cause when I wanted to is all gone LOL Nvm next time =P

 Got new camera , wait what ? Camwhore nor ! =P

Stay tune till next post ^_^

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