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Monday, April 2, 2012

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2012

      Another late blog post , an event I attended on last Wed =P Don't blame me as I never on time on blogging okay and something bad happen on that day cause me got no mood to blog at all . It took few days for me to find back my blogging mood =_=  ( actually cheat one , Idk wtf I crapping now )

      We actually get ready around 8 something , note that event starts at 8.00pm . Bitch pls , malaysia timing , its a sin if we go on time ! LOL So we decided to go to MJ and have dinner before party rock . Genee and I never eat cause we already stuff in one small bowl of rice and soup in 5 mins time . I basically keep stuffing the rice into my mouth non stop cause she told me Lance is reaching Lance is reaching wtf .

      It took us freaking 4 hours to reach that blardy place . Non of us know where is the venue exactly , relying on the map at first but fail . We went to Putra Jaya . We thought that we went to the wrong place but fuck our life  , we actually quite close to the correct place . Dang . Another major mistake we made is , we stupid enough , though that google map could bring us to the place . And guess where the GPS bring us to ? A residential area at Puchong . WTF house party now ?

The entrance . Looks so grand huh . Photo by Felix Ferdinand =)

Look at the stage , I wonder how early he reach that day =D Its still empty in there ! When we reached , there is already full of humans . Oh ya , we reach 4 hours after the event started . So don't ask me anything about the opening bla , WE MISS EVERY SINGLE THING LOL . 
Want to know more ? Go read some other bloggers blog lol .

The VIP zone . 

Basically we walk around the whole place trying to find some friend , but we are so late , its either they went back or there are too much people . But we did found some familiar faces though . =) 

Not to forget the awesome welcome drink , the main focus of the night , Johnnie Walker Black Label . She looks so cool right , especially with the dry ice effect . Looks like some magician =P

     So the whole night we were drinking , taking picture , catching up with friends and of cause , meeting some new fellows . Took lotsa picture too ! But FML I lost my god damn camera . Damn =_= Thats why you see I have to hop around people's blog to grab some photos . We took so many awesome photos that night ! 

      I shall stop crapping . Pictures time ! =D

Photo by Lance . He said he wan't to be famous =P

With Genee , I-Don't-Know-Who-Model and Samantha

TheTipsy Genee HAHA , and TheSober Samantha =) 
I can have dip-dye hair in the picture lol @.@ Idk why

Samantha again and Lance .

With JunFook . My face looks like a Bao here O_O

Lastly , with errrr SorryIForgotYourName Girl , Genee and Felix Ferdinand . 


GoodBye my less than one week old camera , hope you are in better hand now ='(

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