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Friday, April 6, 2012

Stay Healthy ! =D

Must blog today cause bfie woke up super early with me today ! =D 
Must Must Must mark down today's date wtf . 
So we woke up at around 8-ish like that slack awhile and then 
I decided to make some fresh fruit juice . As what the title said , STAY HEALTHY 

Pomegranate Seeds

Just in case you don't know how the fruit looks like :

Forgot to take the picture of it =P So i simply grab one picture from the net .

Grapes ~ Strawberry ~ Golden Kiwi ~

Blend and blend and blend and tadaaaa ~ 
Ok la doesn't looks like juice , more like a smoothie LOL 
Taste quite ok , but problem is the golden kiwi not fully ripe yet so make the juice not sweet enough ! *facepalm* Should have put more strawberry !

Gai Si Hor Fun LOL Idk what this call in english seriously =.= Super yummy I can tell !

 Chicken Chicken Chicken ! Really bak suet suet wad luit luit ahahaha
If you know what I mean =P 

All time favourite ! Egg Tart ! Bitch pls , Who doesn't love egg tart !
Mad Love okay ! <3

Oh Btw since instangram had release for android user , 
there is nothing stopping me from downloading it right . 
So , do follow me @muidiangmann ! =D



  1. Yeh to fruits and the nutrients to our skin. I am also drooling over the lovely egg tarts.

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