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Friday, April 20, 2012

Belated Post - Jason's 22nd Birthday Bash #Mynjayzday

Oh well another belated post . =P

Date : 6 April 2012
Venue : Paradox Art Cafe , Bandar Utama 

See how dai pai Jason is ? =D Exclusive event man , by invitation some more ~ 

Meet our Bald Jason , hahaha yay or nay ? XD
Btw meet Alane , Genee and Chutipond too ! 

The oh-so-awesome scumbag drinking game . 
Free flow all night long man ! 

Anti-social us . =/
Oh seems like ah pond having fun so much with her phone ? LOL 

When playing the games .
AHAHA we cheat few times and either made L'ance drink or we skip drinking HAHA Girlssssss =P

Our Table , with the funny gang . Non stop laughing for the whole night .

L'ance and Chutipond . 
Look at ah pond hair I feel like saying Its so fluffay ~ =3 
But scumbag L'ance said he always hungry when he saw pond's hair LOL *maggie goreng*

With the okay okay la guy . Jonathan Yip . =)

With Josh Lim . =)

And Jeremy from RedFM ! Seriously bitch pls , I din't slap dou your ass la LOL ! 

Jeremy : "They said I could be anything , So I become invisible man" XD

So when Genee and Ah pond busy butterflying around . 
I just playing another stupid game with L'ance . 
Up-Down Game - have to guess the next card is bigger than previous card or smaller . 

And I shall end this with this picture . HAHAHA epic right . 
Don't ask me why this happen LOL

Notice that I only have one picture taken with Jason ? hahaha . some more its before the event really start .
LOL what to do , the birthday boy busy getting drunk and kiss the floor . XD

Anyways , Thanks for the invite Jason ^^

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  1. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..