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Friday, May 18, 2012

Hey I am blogging and this is crazy , and here's my blogpost , so check it out pls =P

Helloooooooooooooo ~ =D
Previous post : 20th April posting about an event on 6th 
LOL Everything is belated on my blog . 
Guilty but yet lazy . =3

The time lapse is kinda too loooooooooooong .
So many things happening in between so I don't know when to start 
The lazy fairy in me said : just make a summary with pictures ! XD 
YES I AM THAT LAZY . I think 99.999% of me made up of laziness . =P

Oh ya , I really don't know how unlucky I can be . 
In one month's time , I lost my camera as mention before . 
And .... ! Its not the end of the curse yet -.- 
My S2 T_T she eagerly wanted to take a bath and *DROUPPPP* 
She is lying in the sink peacefully with water flowing all over her body . Yes dead body =.=
And I stupid enough to switch it on , although I did wipe it blow it in the toilet . 
Just for the god damn movie ticket ~.~ 
So yeah bye bye S2 now I am using friend's Iphone now . *Don't like*
Conclusion : No point of repairing and I can only sell the LCD of the phone for RM300 . WOW =.=

But still , God or life is really fair .
He will give you 2 slaps and 1 candy . Eh wait ! Not that fair after all ! zzz

Nah this is my candy ~
Won this G shock from Ford Ranger Malaysia @FordRangerMY
I really thought I am dreaming . 
The only thing I remember is I saw someone RT a tweet from them . 
Fyi , its a retweet contest from them . So I randomly click RT . 
And I am the 50th person who RT so I got this . 
OMG right ? ! Still can't believe it ~.~
Btw its a Limited Edition All New Ranger crossover G Shock Watch O.O

First time in my life getting a letter with the name "Mann"
HAHA luckily they never quote my twitter name "MannMushroom"
That will be really funny }.{
Anyway THANK YOU Ford Ranger Malaysia =)

Shall show you guys the difference between my mama and my auntie =3
I have a really cool mom =3="

Are you puking rainbow at my puke rainbow batch ?

Say "Yes , you can" ! =D Love this T shirt !

And finally got myself a new bag . Purse cried after this T_T
Btw the T-shirt I got it from Urban Tee at Empire Gallery for RM30
They do have branch at Sunway Pyramid =D
For the badge , its free once you purchase 2 T-shirt .
Have lotsa design . Dilemma in choosing "puke rainbow" or "oh stop it you"
In the end choose puke rainbow cause its cuter ! =D
And the bag its from Topshop . For RM209 .
I know , friends always tell me that topshop stuff often overprice or something .
But I fall for this bag at the first sight . Cant help it . So yeah .  =))

What's hot now ? Diabloooooooo !
But none of them is mine . ~.~
I did play with it , kinda fun but not as addictive as it seems .
Maybe my self control works ! =D
Becauseeeeee . . .

Final is just around the corner . Le sighhhhhhhh ~
FML can't fail this round !
Instead of killed by the so called killer paper
I shall kill them ! and be a paper killer ! LOLOLOLOL

Study study and more study .
Studying in mamak , not the first time .
Already get used to those weird attention from others ppl in the mamak ! ^^

Ohai ! and Kthxbye =D

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