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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dear Daddy ? :/

Broken promises and not even goodbye ,
You left me standing all alone with tears in the well of my eyes .
Without a word , you turned your back and walked away ;
often I wonder if I'm the reason you didn't stay .
Everyday I dream of how perfect my life would be if you were here .
You could be my everlasting shield and protect me from all my fears .
Or whenever I'm down you would hold me in your arms and wipe away my tears .
But deep down in my heart I know it will never be ;
that you would walk back into my life and never leave me.
Birthdays , Graduations , Prom :
you've missed it all .
And it hurts so much because you didn't even bother to call .
The truth is I need you here in my life .
When I get married , I want you there to give me away to become a wife .
And when I graduate I want to see that look of satisfaction on your face in your eye .
I don't want another man to take your place .
For there's nothing I want more in this world ,
I just wanted to be daddy's little girl .

Happy Fathers' Day


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