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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alice In The Wonderland ❤

[ well , its just a typical-LA-LA post xD ]
Finally get to go and watch Alice In The Wonderland yesterday night . Ok i know i am freakkin late for the movie >.<
After that around 5 something it started to rain cats and dogs . Ling have to go home , OUCH , fine . After that her bf called me after class , "mann , ling lea ?" =_+ i wonder why she never told him she went back ady
6.45pm : its time to MOVIE is time to ALICE is time to WONDERLAND ~ ! XPPPP We wanted to watch it so much so much so muchie >.< consider ="_=">
***********SKIP ALL THE NONSENSE*************
Oh man , the movie was awesome ~ the effects are d*mn freakkin cool omagosh . But the hatter is eye was . . . so so so [censored] big BAHAHA LOL . btw , wanna share this dialog from a guy sitting behind me : " OMG , i din't know Johnny Depp's eye was so big ! i was like : " wtf , even idiots know that's edited with com =_= common sense will tells you that nobody will have such a HUGE eyes except alien X) "
Next . . . Mia Washikowska a.k.a. Alice a.k.a. Um XP
She is pretty , not that shocking beauty , but ummm i can say that she got her own characters . ummm i guess HAHA . But in the movie , well i don't whether is because of the make up or not , she looks kind of ugly =_= Will definitely look like a cancer patient if she is bald =X BUT , i love all her dress in the movie OMG get me one ! >//< [ except the very 1st dress she wore ]
There are many other characters that i loveee so much ^_^ tweedledum and tweedledee were OMG , laughmyassout wei XP they like two potato head HAHA but cute , seriously . and and and i like the Cheshire Cat . wish to have one in real life X) i loveeee Cheshire's evil smile *grin*
start from today , lets smile like this BAHAHA .
I like the blue caterpillar when he regards alice as stupid girl . HAHA I like when Chrispin Glover tell alice that i like you XP and then turn out accuse alice when the red queen found out . *yew you sucker* I also like the scene when red card soldier said : i cant follow you anymore , you bloody big head " ROFL ! *thumb up thumb up*
Sorry people , i think i have to stop here . >~< go =")">

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