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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Piece of recommendation from me ^^

"ahhhh ~ i am lost , i dont know what course to take , i dont know which college to choose . i have no idea , OMGGGGG >.<"

yiii ? sounds familiar ? yeah babe , everybody would have been through this right . . . i dont know what you guys really into it , so i might just tell you all about mine choice ^^

Like what stated in my profile , currently i am taking CAT in Sunway University College . what is CAT ? not the kitty cat XP is Certified Accounting Technician . CAT provides a comprehensive introduction to accountancy . For those who plan to pursue a career in finance or to gain an accelerated route to the ACCA qualification , take this =)

In another simple way , CAT is the foundation course for ACCA . For your info , both CAT and ACCA are professional paper , so thats not gonna be easy . Effort is essential , if you guys wish to play around and test your luck , go for another course . I am not scaring you or what , its all about pass and fail in CAT and ACCA . Pass you proceed , fail you retained . [ unofficially , we regards those student who fail and have to retain as TSUNAMI VICTIM ] okayy , its bad i know >_<

Once you fail a paper , you have to resit it . You can choose to attend class again or just self study . but one thing , to proceed to ACCA , you have to clear all your paper in CAT . Let me tell you this . . .

Papers to be attempt in CAT level :

Introductory Level

Paper 1 Recording Financial Transactions ( exempted if you got an A in SPM accounts )

Paper 2 Information for Management Control

Intermediate Level

Paper 3 Maintaining Financial Records

Paper 4 Accounting for Costs

Advanced Level

Paper 5 Managing People and Systems

Paper 6 Drafting Financial Statements

Paper 7 Planning , Control and Performance Management

Options Module ( Any 2 papers )

Paper 8 Implementing Audit Procedures

Paper 9 Preparing Taxation Computations

Paper 10 Managing Finance

Note : Paper 1 and 2 - Computer-Based

Paper 3-10 - Paper-Based

CAT course for Sunway , there are few intakes available :

#January & July ( duration : 1 year )

#March , April & September ( duration : 1 years 4 months )

Examination Periods : June & December

Oh yeah people , there are few requirements that you guys have to take note if you wanna enroll in Sunway for CAT .

1. Aged 16 and above .

2. With minimum of 5-O-Level or SPM credit passes , including English and Maths , or equilvalent .

Well , talking about results , there are entrance scholarship offered by Jeffrey Cheah

click to zoom in for a bigger view

or log in to

* Terms and condition apply

** This refers to the new SPM grading system of 2009 . For SPM results prior to 2009 , kindly refer to Sunway University College for an equilvalency table .

*** Applicable to Pre-U programmes only


Now , lemmi briefly talk about the fees for this course . For the CAT paper i had paid twice , the 1st time around 6k not included exam papers fees . the 2nd sem i suppose to pay another 3k , but my scholarship had contra it , so basically the whole CAT is just around 10k . If i am not mistaken =P For ACCA , i have no idea actually . but i can tell you that the whole CAT + ACCA 's fees around RM30k ( excluded exam papers fees and ACCA subscription fees which paid in pound )

Therefore , this course is a not-so-bad option for those whose family are not so rich nor not so poor . This is the fastest way to earn back what you paid for the course in future . ^^


  1. interesting. sadly, I only knew about it NOW when I'm already halfway thru my course :(

  2. accounting sounds like a nice course.. but heard that ACCA isnt easy.. haha =)

  3. thanks noty jim jim =)

    haha supia , both ? XP just a recommendation XP

    fiona , awwww , you din know about this course at all ?

    ken wooi , yeah right
    accounting is the job that barely affected by the economy , and yess ! ACCA not gonna be easy >.<

  4. wow since when you're advertising for Sunway! :) or do you get referral discount when you refer a friend to sign up for CAT/ACCA?

    @Kenwooi, ACCA is far from easy but not impossible, I've seen people getting their ACCA at young age of 18. So long as you have a logical thinking and do not mind doing some memorization ACCA could be a great course.

  5. LOL lauyee !
    good idea , i think i should go and claim discount ! bahahaha

    btw , quite agree what you say =)

  6. haha! girl.. accounting is ALL affected by the economy.. n not to say affected though.. its just interrelated.. :)

  7. yeah right eve , but not as bad as others field wert =)

  8. I didnt know you need to study for many subjects! anyway good luck. i hope you would nanged me too. Meoramri

  9. yeah but not in one sem =)
    thanks , i will

  10. erm...
    i interested in ACCA also
    but no loan can take
    so i prefer to make diploma n degree 1st
    i dono which school suitable

    may i ask segi college good in this field?

  11. hmmm , yeah , ACCA have no loan even ptpl
    becoz it is a professional course

    but i tot take diploma and degree is much more expensive ?
    or you take that because you wan to borrow loan ? hmmmm

    i not really know about segi college
    sorry >.< scared that i wil give you wrong information , i only can tell about sunway , coz i am a student of sunway =)