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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Types of friends

woots , sorry for the delayed update humans ~ was so BUSY with examsss . could'nt concentrate much in this exams . due to some heart-breaking happening >_< *sigh hard hard*

I was in the library , well , studying my T7 [ Planning , Control & Performance Management ] . manage to finish one chapter until i randomly found a book relating to psycology . hmmm yah , like to read this kind of books alotz . really caught the meaning . i love to read ppl minds , what they thinking . thanks to mummy genes , born to be kind of sensitive to ppl's mood and bla bla bla .

ok back to the books , errr , i cant remember the books title and author's name , will get back to library and check 2mr . =) gonna borrow this book after my exams *yay*

come on guys , lemmi share this short chapter with you , its about friends [ randomly pick this topic , due to friendship prob recently >w< ]

here we go . . . . .

Types of friends

1. Convenience Friends - Persons with whom we exchange small favors , a friendly but limited , intimacy relationship .

2. Special Interest Friends - Persons with whom we share common interest and activities , regular involvement , but not deep intimacy .

3. Historical Friends - Person who were friend in our past but who we do not see often ; there may be little in common now , but there is an intimacy that derives from being able to say , " I knew you when . . . "

4. Crossroads Friends - Significant friends at a special time of our live , ( eg. college , former roommate , military services ) ; little current contact , but the specialness can be quickly regenerated if there is an interaction .

5. Cross-generational Friends - The older-younger relationship that have influence and intimacy . It may be a relationship of a member , or a cherished non-family friendship in which the older persons are valued for their counsel and acceptance and the younger persons for their liveliness amd eagerness to them .

6. Close Friends - Persons who hear our deepest disclosures ; those whom we can trust and with whom we can just "be" .

So , what types of friend you think you are and you think you have ? everybody wanted a close friend ( at least one ) who you can really rely on , who you can refer to when you are lost , who you can cry to when you are down . but one piece a advice from me , there are no close friends FOREVER , they might turn over and against you , backstab you and worst betray you . BFF is just a beautiful lie . you may be hurt , but they won't even give a d*mn =S trust me , the only one that you can count on is YOURSELF .



  1. friendships make life more fun =)

  2. yeah but only a good wan do so ^^

  3. Thanks for the visit,

    Passerby Friend.

  4. BFF = Beautiful Freaking Fabrication

  5. real friends are there when you need their help. you'll be real lucky to find a true friend

  6. yeahh , but true friend is hard to find , isn't it

  7. we can do a lot of funny crazy stuff with friends :-D