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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I ❤ Badminton =)

Progress Test is just around the corner , uh huh MONDAY =_=
what we should do is just stick to table chairs and books ?
nahhh , don't talk like a NERD .
during exams we still have life , so stop the no-life-just-study nonsense .
imagine , how to study non-stop ?
its just a progress test which means internal exams after all
who freakkin cares about it , oh yeah , forgotten , NERDs >.<
[ sorry if i did insulted you XP ]
well , we still study , but not whole day
the library closed at 5pm
at 1st they wanted to play basketball , but me and Shan object
so we went to 3K to play badminton
with our not so sporty-attire LOL
why we choose 3K ?
well , because it is so near to our college
3K Inn is just situated at subang jaya [ refer to this site ]
hmm , it has 5 indoor badminton court in it .
overall its ok , just that the air vendilation is not so good .
hardly breath in there >.<
and for 2hours is just RM28 ,
mmm consider cheap ?
and OMG , i cant believe i can play for 2 hours non-stop
jump here and there LOL
in such a place that freakkin lack of oxygen
there are other teams who are playing in there too
only one last ourt is empty one .
that means ,
air vendilation system bad = hot like anything , sweating like shyt >.<
after that , Calvin fetch me back to hostel .
HAHA , in the car . . .
ZOMG , we smells wonderful LOL
OPSIE , poor tommy zai [ Calvin's car ] XP
Photo of the day =) :

[ where is the ball where is the ball ? X) ]

[ LOL , camwhore again XP ]

[ In Calvin's car with Calvin's sunglasses HAHA ]

Muscle Pain OMG >.<


  1. all works and no plays make Jack a dull boy..way to go!! :-)

  2. looks like you overexerted yourself...

  3. haha both of my bros love badminton alot, but i'm not blessed with the talent of playing sports lol.

    And the last picture looks like Ah Sa, you know the twins' ah sa. hahahaa kinda cute ;)

  4. HAHA , yeah
    and life is meant to be enjoy Xp

    awww , all you need is just practice
    need not have the talent
    OMG ah sa ? >.<
    such a compliment haha

  5. Lol great, should have fun also to relax urself ^^

  6. haha, study smart, not study hard XD

  7. haha , you are right sionnnnnnn
    study hard doesn't works sometime xP

  8. tonight Lee Chong Wei VS ogata! =D

  9. i know ,
    but i gonna miss it ~ >.<
    i have to munch book >.<